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groff injects blank page; and program 'pnmtops' can't handle -nosetpage

From: Carlos
Subject: groff injects blank page; and program 'pnmtops' can't handle -nosetpage option; can't generate doc/gnu.eps
Date: Sat, 22 Apr 2023 05:26:37 -0400

Hello list. 

First about the error `program 'pnmtops' can't handle -nosetpage
option; can't generate doc/gnu.eps`
 can't go past this very particular cvs compilation after
who-knows-how-many-tries so far with this `program 'pnmtops' can't
handle -nosetpage option; can't generate doc/gnu.eps` error

program 'pnmtops' can't handle -nosetpage option; can't generate doc/gnu.eps
make[1]: *** [Makefile:14627: doc/gnu.eps] Error 1

But anyhow. I just wanted to compile from cvs rather than from the
tarball. In the end I found out I had the latest released version, so I
gave up.

And this issue can be tackle later on really. Let's put it aside for now. 

Currently running 

the called subprograms:

GNU grops (groff) version 1.22.4
GNU troff (groff) version 1.22.4

and whether it's running -man or -mandoc, it injects a blank unwanted page in
the very beginning of the document.

It doesn't matter whether it's a postscript file or a pdf afterwards,
groff inserts the blank page regardless

I'm not familiarized with groff but it seems as if a macro, in this
particular case, .TH, that is normally in the beginning of the page,
causes it,  or it's indirectly involved in this blank page. Doesn't
matter. If i were to focus enough on the page and say open sesame
it woudn't do anything. But if I were to type an .ig and two dots
in between that pesky `.TH` macro, the blank page disappears. So in
that sense, open sesame worked because ;) because the unwanted page
is no longer there. The formatting of the page is gone, and that's
more than an obvious Copernicus, but who cares, really?

The question is: what it's causing this unwanted blank page? Are locales
somehow responsible for it? 

Now. The interesting part is that `man -T ps <manpage> ` works without
an issue, but groff , or more precisely both -man and -mandoc don't
and still injects the blank page

        Price Wang's programmer was coding software.  His fingers danced upon
the keyboard.  The program compiled without an error message, and the program
ran like a gentle wind.
        Excellent!" the Price exclaimed, "Your technique is faultless!"
        "Technique?" said the programmer, turning from his terminal, "What I
follow is the Tao -- beyond all technique.  When I first began to program I
would see before me the whole program in one mass.  After three years I no
longer saw this mass.  Instead, I used subroutines.  But now I see nothing.
My whole being exists in a formless void.  My senses are idle.  My spirit,
free to work without a plan, follows its own instinct.  In short, my program
writes itself.  True, sometimes there are difficult problems.  I see them
coming, I slow down, I watch silently.  Then I change a single line of code
and the difficulties vanish like puffs of idle smoke.  I then compile the
program.  I sit still and let the joy of the work fill my being.  I close my
eyes for a moment and then log off."
        Price Wang said, "Would that all of my programmers were as wise!"
                -- Geoffrey James, "The Tao of Programming"

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