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Re: A new ignoramus question about user-installed fonts

From: Oliver Corff
Subject: Re: A new ignoramus question about user-installed fonts
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2023 20:13:14 +0200
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Hi Branden,

thank you very much for your encouraging feedback.

Indeed I did neither mention nor note in the example file (
--- I thought the .ms in the file name tells the story) that I use
groff_ms(7) as it is really at a sweet spot between simplicity of use
and aesthetics of produced document.

I remember I had used the .fam request before, at the very beginning of
a document, which always produced the desired result: the *entire*
document is typeset in the selected family.

However, since this time I used .fam for the first time somewhere within
the document, I first failed to understand that, in this case, its scope
is limited to the current paragraph. This is a tentative statement from
my side, I should really test which of the .LP, .PP, .SH, .NH etc.
requests will end the effect of the .fam request.

After reading your mail, I tried again to start the whole document with
the .fam Libertine request, et voilà, the whole document is typeset in
the chosen font family.

In the meantime, I tried to typeset several pages of Chinese, but alas,
there were quite a few blank positions in the text, and I assume that at
the current state the limitations in the number of characters (message
by GhostScript: Can't embed the complete font DFSongStd as it is too
large, embedding a subset.) will work for texts which contain snippets
of Chinese, e.g. scholarly articles with Chinese references (words,
proper names, literature). I'll write a test which increments the number
of different Chinese characters used in one document and tests the
threshold which triggers the above-mentioned message.

Thank you very much for the hint regarding .fam,

Best regards,


On 21/04/2023 19:15, G. Branden Robinson wrote:
Hi Oliver,

At 2023-04-21T14:59:43+0200, Oliver Corff wrote:
I successfully ran Peter's to install Linux Libertine
as a new font.

The first observation:


.\"fam Libertine

Орос хэл, монгол үлгэр. Үлэг гүрвэлийн өндөг.

If I start a new paragraph, the .fam Libertine request seems to have
been forgotten. Is it limited to the scope of the current paragraph?

I have to say again:

.fam Libertine
You did not say, but I surmise that you are using the ms(7) package.
(man(7) also has a `PP` macro, but does not behave the same way.)

Is it limited to the scope of the current paragraph?
Yes, if you use a low-level request like this.  groff ms(7) supports the
`FAM` string to persistently change the font family, starting at the
next paragraph.[1]  This is documented in groff_ms(7) and (in the
forthcoming 1.23.0) the document.

If you have read my unfortunate exchanges with Christof Meerwald, you
know how I feel about the use of low-level requests when a macro package
provides a facility for accomplishing the same objective.[2]

I'm thrilled to hear that this is working well, and will work better for
more people as soon as we can release!


[1] This basic feature goes "all the way back".

^351da0dcd macros/tmac.s (James Clark          1991-06-02 04:20:34 -0500 1155) 
.de par@reset
^351da0dcd macros/tmac.s (James Clark          1991-06-02 04:20:34 -0500 1174) 
.ft 1
^351da0dcd macros/tmac.s (James Clark          1991-06-02 04:20:34 -0500 1175) 
.fam \\*[FAM]

     ...but I have tweaked it for groff 1.23.[3]  Exactly two years ago,
     as it turns out...

[2] See attachment.  ;-)  :-P


Dr. Oliver Corff
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Tel.: +49-30-85727260

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