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Re: Newbie question - Indents and paragraph filling

From: hbezemer
Subject: Re: Newbie question - Indents and paragraph filling
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2023 08:56:05 +0200
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Dear Ben,

You could use this simple set of macro's I use for my exams as a starter.

Kind regards,

Ben <> wrote:

> Hi
> I am by no means an experienced user of groff. I thought I would give it a
> go as it may be useful for setting exams and test papers in my classroom.
> The exam class in latex is amazing but I am looking for greater control
> over what is happening on the page. I love the simplicity of unix and groff
> and was hoping to ask for some help with a macro which I could use for
> setting questions.
> I was looking to insert a question Num and then without a break indent the
> question text. Similar to the IP command with a bullet, however, I wish to
> append an additional mark allocation to the end of this body text also
> without a break. See screenshot below.
> I have played around with page offset and line length. I also attempted to
> build an \hfill(latex like) macro which was way above my level of skill. I
> am starting to get my head around breaks and new lines of input and output
> but I am missing a key piece.
> I see it as something like this.
>    1.  print a question number , do not break (eg 1. or 1) perhaps use a
>    'br or \c to enforce this non break
>    2. adjust margin using the .in +0.5i command or the .po and .ll command
>    3. fill text within these margins, do not break, kinda like a block quote
>    4. Adjust margin back, do not break, another \c or 'br
>    5. Append mark allocation (12 marks)
>    6. end macro
> Any help would be much appreciated. I would prefer x part of the
> Ffing manual more carefully rather than paste in code I do not really
> understand.
> So pointers to sources to read or inaccuracies in my thinking would also be
> greatly appreciated.
> Thank you in advance for your time.
> Ben

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