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Re: reformatting man pages at SIGWINCH

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: reformatting man pages at SIGWINCH
Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2023 01:23:40 -0500

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At 2023-04-11T11:39:11+0200, Dirk Gouders wrote:
[I wrote:]
> > 4.  A habit has grown up among man(1) programs and pagers to call
> > for and support, respectively, a "blank line squeezing" feature: any
> > runs of more than one blank line are condensed to 1 blank line each.
> > In groff 1.23.0, this will no longer be necessary when continuously
> > rendering.  (Historically, this squeezing feature was used to
> > "tighten up" vertical space after the page header, prior to the
> > "NAME" section heading of the document.)  In my opinion, pager
> > programs should perform as few transformations as possible on the
> > output of grotty(1), the groff output driver that supports terminal
> > devices.  The long-time author and maintainer of less(1) does not
> > agree, so you have to call that program with its "-R" flag to view
> > grotty(1) output as groff intends it.  (To see what those intentions
> > are, format the document without paging it.)
> Thank you for the detailled assessment.  Perhaps my misunderstanding
> is because I'm not a native speaker but which document should I format
> to see what those intentions are?

Just about any man page will do.  By "intentions" I mean things like
typeface changes and, in the forthcoming groff 1.23.0,[1] OSC 8 escape
sequences to encode hyperlinks.

For instance, if I want to look at groff_man(7)'s man page without the
intermediation of man(1) or a pager, I can do this.

$ man -w groff_man # to tell me where the document is installed
$ zcat $(!!) | nroff -t -mandoc

I recommend the above as an early troubleshooting step with rendering
problems, though your terminal emulator may need a lot of scrollback
buffer, depending on the document.

(On rare occasions, a document may require a preprocessor other than
tbl(1), but the parts that use them generally won't produce good (eqn)
or any (pic) results on terminal devices.  "-t -mandoc" should suffice
for well over 95% of man pages.)

> > Since I flogged groff 1.23.0 three times in this email, I suppose I
> > should point people to where they can get the 1.23.0.rc3 release
> > candidate source archive.  Feedback would be appreciated.
> Oh well, I didn't measure it but I spent quite some time to work on
> doc/lsp-help.1 and try to find a solution for that "nasty empty line"
> that appeared in of the tables that I use for the online help -- I was
> convinced it was my fault.

I am sure a lot of people thought that.  I was quite pleased to track
down and stomp that bug.

> Gentoo already has an ebuild for groff-1.23.0-rc3 and simply using
> this fixes that problem in the table.  So, from now on all my testing
> happens with groff-1.23.0-rc3 and I will report should I recognize
> problems.

Please do.  Bruno Haible has found a passel of portability problems to
non-GNU/Linux systems, and helped us to resolve several of them; I am
hopeful that 1.23.0 will be the most easily deployed groff in quite some


[1] We just tagged and put out 1.23.0.rc4 this past weekend.

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