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Re: groff 1.23.0.rc4 on AIX

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: groff 1.23.0.rc4 on AIX
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2023 18:36:21 -0500

At 2023-04-15T23:36:31+0200, Bruno Haible wrote:
> On AIX 7.2, the problem I reported earlier in
> is gone.

I'll take that victory.  The next one looks like a harder battle...

> Now, the build fails like this:
> $ gmake V=1
> gmake  all-am
> gmake[1]: Entering directory '/home/haible/groff-1.23.0.rc4/build-64-xlc'
> xlc -q64 -qthreaded -qtls  -g  -L/home/haible/prefix64/lib -o gxditview 
> src/devices/xditview/gxditview-device.o src/devices/xditview/gxditview-draw.o 
> src/devices/xditview/gxditview-Dvi.o src/devices/xditview/gxditview-font.o 
> src/devices/xditview/gxditview-lex.o src/devices/xditview/gxditview-page.o 
> src/devices/xditview/gxditview-parse.o 
> src/devices/xditview/gxditview-xditview.o   -lSM -lICE -lXaw -lXmu -lXt -lX11 
>  -lm libxutil.a lib/libgnu.a 
> ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .XpmReadFileToPixmap
> ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .XShapeCombineMask
> ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .XShapeQueryExtension


> ld: 0711-345 Use the -bloadmap or -bnoquiet option to obtain more information.
> Makefile:6843: recipe for target 'gxditview' failed
> gmake[1]: *** [gxditview] Error 8
> Hmm. In the 'configure' output I see two lines
>   checking for Xaw library and header files... yes
>   checking for Xmu library and header files... yes
> Should there also be a line
>   checking for Xpm library and header files...
> ?

That's probably necessary but not sufficient.

I'd expect that to resolve

> ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .XpmReadFileToPixmap

but not

> ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .XShapeCombineMask
> ld: 0711-317 ERROR: Undefined symbol: .XShapeQueryExtension

It has been nearly 20 years since I did X11 work, but the SHAPE X11
protocol extension is not directly related to Xpm.  I think.  _Maybe_
Xpm depends on it, in which case maybe an Xpm configure check will haul
it in--but I am uncertain because I thought Xpm was (just?) an extension
to the X11 core bitmap file format to support color depths other than 1.
These missing external symbols suggest to me that libXext will be
required too, to get the client library interface to the SHAPE

What a blast from the past.  I'll look into this.  The fix could be as
simple as extending the Autoconf test GROFF_X11 in m4/groff.m4 to check
for Xpm and/or Xext as well.

In the meantime, can you re-configure groff on AIX "--without-x" and see
if any other build problems or automated test failures arise?  groff's
X11 support is off in its own little corner(s) of the tree and I'd hate
to resolve this issue only to find a different, unrelated defect still


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