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Re: A file suffix for troff's output.

From: Steve Izma
Subject: Re: A file suffix for troff's output.
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2023 11:54:38 -0400

On Mon, Apr 10, 2023 at 04:37:07PM +0100, Ralph Corderoy wrote:
> Subject: Re: A file suffix for troff's output.
> Some programs can act on the pattern to filenames, e.g.
> make(1). It can be told how to turn a .tr into a .set and a
> .set into a .ps. Even though all three are text files, it's
> useful to suffix them descriptively.

Thanks for the clarification, Ralph and Alejandro. I see that I
was side-tracking a bit and not recognizing the relevance of
make(1) to the discussion. For the actual production of complex
documents like books and journals I organize the parts of the
project into sub-directories and just use fairly simple shell
scripts to process them. I've considered using make, but long ago
got into the habit of shell scripts.

        -- Steve

Steve Izma
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The most erroneous stories are those we think we know best – and
therefore never scrutinize or question.
    -- Stephen Jay Gould, *Full House: The Spread of Excellence
       from Plato to Darwin*, 1996

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