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Re: A file suffix for troff's output.

From: Ralph Corderoy
Subject: Re: A file suffix for troff's output.
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2023 16:37:07 +0100

Hi Steve,

> >     troff >chapter.set
> >     grops chapter.set >
> > 
> > Short, simple, not already widely used by another program,
> > pronounceable, a clear derivation.
> Maybe I'm mis-reading the problem here, but Postscript output from
> groff in my experience has always been a temporary file.

The issue is the output from troff which is later turned into
PostScript.  Or PDF, or whatever, depending on the device troff was
given; default PostScript.  The chapter.set above.

> And under Unix one could reasonably argue that an un-suffixed file
> outside of bin directories was by default a text file.

I agree text files on Unix don't need a suffix.

Some programs can act on the pattern to filenames, e.g. make(1).
It can be told how to turn a .tr into a .set and a .set into a .ps.
Even though all three are text files, it's useful to suffix them

Cheers, Ralph.

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