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hyperlink for doc.tmac (man:, mailto:)?

From: Mingye Wang
Subject: hyperlink for doc.tmac (man:, mailto:)?
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2023 13:46:37 +0800

Hi all,

Groff 1.23 introduced .MR in an.tmac with hyperlinking, so out of
curiosity I checked doc.tmac for anything analogous. It looks like the
.Xr macro there is a little bare without any reference to a "man:" URI
scheme; so are the .Mt and the .Lk macros.

It doesn't seem to emit any links, in fact: there's nothing analogous
to the fancy "an*hyperlink" bits in doc.tmac as far as I can tell.
Indeed,`groff -mdoc -Thtml <(zcat /usr/share/man/man7/groff_mdoc.7.gz)
> gm.html` (with groff 1.22.4) gives the expected italicized but not
linked text.

Is adding hyperlink support for -mdoc anywhere on the roadmap?

Mingye Wang (Artoria2e5)

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