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Re: pdfroff in groff 1.23.0.rc3 changes compared to 1.22.4

From: Michał Kruszewski
Subject: Re: pdfroff in groff 1.23.0.rc3 changes compared to 1.22.4
Date: Thu, 06 Apr 2023 19:41:44 +0000

So it is now explained why .bp is broken.
I am attaching yet another reproducer.
This time there is a problem with the .sp before Abstract.
In 1.23.0.rc3 this .sp is simply ignored, while in 1.22.4 it is correctly 

Best regards,
Michał Kruszewski

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------- Original Message -------
On Thursday, April 6th, 2023 at 12:39 PM, Lennart Jablonka <> 

> Quoth Michał Kruszewski:
> > I would like to have simple structure: custom cover page -> ToC ->
> > custom page -> text.
> The easiest way to do all these things is to split the document in
> multiple ones. Have one troff document for the cover page. There is
> little reason for it to use ms. Have one document for the custom page
> and one for the text. Have the text document use ms and generate the
> ToC, perhaps by .tm. After processing the text document, you have a ToC
> document.
> Then comes the noteworthy bit: Concatenate the troff output of all those
> separate documents and feed it all to the postprocessor at once, as in
> troff -ms >mainmatter.trout 2>toc
> { troff frontmatter && troff toc && cat mainmatter.trout;
> } | gropdf >all.pdf
> That’s what I would do.
> It is not a great thing to mix error output of troff with the ToC; you
> might want to use fancy groff features to do the first step differently.

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