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Re: memorandum macros (mm) in 1976/77 (was: an opinionated history of *r

From: Damian McGuckin
Subject: Re: memorandum macros (mm) in 1976/77 (was: an opinionated history of *roff macro packages)
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2023 20:41:22 +1000 (AEST)


On Thu, 6 Apr 2023, G. Branden Robinson wrote:

It might be to Micha?'s original inquiry, though.  Why would someone
choose mm(7) when ms(7) is simpler?

At the time, in the late 1970s, the School of Civil Engineering at UNSW choose MM over MS because (in a few words) at the time, it was slghtly more robust, had a few more features, and had better overall documentation

I can call and ask the guy who was the head of the committee what the full reasons were if you really need to know.

Also, a colleague and I had written an 80+ page tutorial on how to use a subset of MM with TBL and EQN that provided a graded learning experience in MM. That meant that there was a big learning hurdle for adopters. The feedback we got was that it was a pretty good learning tool. After people had mastered it, they found the jump to the full AT&T documentation was pretty painless.

Thanks - Damian

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