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Re: z/OS porting issues, UTF-8 support, and the groff man(1) page

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: z/OS porting issues, UTF-8 support, and the groff man(1) page
Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2023 16:09:40 -0500

[still CCing you for the time being]

Hi Mike,

At 2023-03-31T10:46:12-0700, Mike Fulton wrote:
> I think I should probably respond in the channel

I assume you mean "to the mailing list" here (when I hear "channel" I
tend to think of IRC); what did you use to generate your first message
today?  That ended up on the bug-groff mailing list, which is mostly a
reflector for Savannah ticket traffic for our project.  Savannah is a
software project management system vaguely like SourceForge or GitHub.
Unlike those, it is Free Software.

Here's a quick link to the groff bug list.

Most of the email messages to the bug-groff mailing list originate
thence, due to ticket activity like commenting on open issues.

> so the other folks in the z/OS Open Tools community can see.

Yes.  Also if we talk via the groff list, other groff developers can
share their knowledge and catch me out in errors.  :)

> I think I may have botched this a little.  Do you typically respond
> through email or do you use the web interface?

I'm pretty old-fashioned.  To compose mails, I use a text-mode mail user
agent (MUA) called NeoMutt in the XTerm terminal emulator.

You'll see my name on plenty of messages to the bug-groff list; those
mostly come from Savannah ticket updates as noted above.

> I'm probably not doing this quite right on my end...  I am not
> subscribed yet but I can - is that a better way to respond?

I don't mind being CCed; GMail deduplicates messages for me.  What I
don't use GMail for is message composition, because I find it a hostile
environment for that activity.  (It's not a terrific _reader_, but it's
pretty reliable as a notification system.)

If you intend to pay attention to groff for a while, subscribing to the
main discussion list ( might be helpful to you.

The archives for this list are here:

Over the past 6 months, we've seen traffic levels in the range of 41 to
189 messages per month.

There is also the groff-commit list where you can monitor activity in
our Git repository, though if you maintain a checkout of it, the list
will not supply much additional information.  Under normal
circumstances, only the master branch sees regular activity.  Right now
things are a little weird because I'm maintaining a personal branch of
candidate commits for inclusion in the next release candidate by our
maintainer, Bertrand Garrigues.  The plan is to move me into the
maintainer role after the 1.23.0 release because it can take time to
undertake the GNU Project procedures for that...and it's already been
over 4 years since groff 1.22.4.


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