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Re: man page .SY/.YS synopsis .OP HTML output breaks long options betwee

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: man page .SY/.YS synopsis .OP HTML output breaks long options between hyphens
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2023 16:22:51 -0500

Hi Brian,

At 2023-03-16T19:39:27-0600, Brian Inglis wrote:
> Output of man pages with lengthy synopses from grohtml do not disable
> adjustment and hyphenation as for tty, breaking long options between
> the hyphens and anywhere else available.

I cannot reproduce this problem with groff Git HEAD, viewing the
generated HTML with Firefox and lynx(1).[1]  My conjecture is that my
heavy refactoring of groff man(7) since 1.22.4 fixed your issue.

I am attaching the input I used (it is the same as yours, not changed in
any way), and output from groff compiled from the tip of the
'branden-post-1.23.0' Git branch, but my guess is any snapshot of groff
Git going back to about 9 January would work the same.  (On 8 January I
fixed a bug in hyphenation inside synopses, which might sound promising,
but it was a regression _from_ 1.22.4 to the master branch from nearly a
year before.  Maybe the 8 January commit collaterally fixed the problem
you're reporting.)

So...good news, maybe?

Also, are you in contact with the help2man people?  We should try to
wean them off of the 'OP' macro.

    .OP option-name [option-argument]
        Indicate an optional command parameter called option-name, which
        is set in bold.  If the option takes an argument, specify
        option-argument using a noun, abbreviation, or hyphenated noun
        phrase.  If present, option-argument is preceded by a space and
        set in italics.  Square brackets in roman surround both

        Use of this quasi-semantic macro, an extension originating in
        Documenter's Workbench troff, is deprecated.  It cannot easily
        be used to annotate options that take optional arguments or
        options whose arguments have internal structure (such as a
        mixture of literal and variable components).  One could work
        around these limitations with font selection escape sequences,
        but it is preferable to use font style alternation macros, which
        afford greater flexibility.


[1] w3m does ugly things with the output, breaking after opening
    brackets in input like the following, ironically enough.


    I assume this is a w3m bug?

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