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Re: groff_1.23.0-rc3 test and typo

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: groff_1.23.0-rc3 test and typo
Date: Wed, 1 Mar 2023 05:59:43 -0600

Hi Dale,

I'm pleased to hear about your successful build!

One of FSF France's *BSD boxen came back up, so I was able to build on
OpenBSD 7.2 and things look good there too.

Unfortunately, the FreeBSD and NetBSD hosts are still unreachable.

At 2023-02-28T17:57:34-0800, Dale Snell wrote:
> I did find a (very) minor typo whilst reading the groff(1) man
> page, as specified in the file INSTALL.extra, in the Evaluation
> section.  The file says to run the command
>     “./test-groff -man -Tascii src/roff/groff/groff.1 | less -R”
> which I did.  All went well until I got to the Preprocessors
> section.  There, I found a couple of blocks of tbl commands.
> At first, I thought they were examples, and that the actual
> tables would be displayed later.  Wrong.  It turns out that the
> command given in the INSTALL.extra file was missing the -t
> option.  Like I said, very minor.  Once I added the -t option,
> everything worked just fine.

Quite right.  I've applied this change and pushed it.

> Oh, and I did try building some PDFs that I’d already built
> with v1.22.4, and they built just fine.  (These were MOM
> docs, fwiw.)

Not a surprise--Peter's stuff is solid and stable.  :)

Thank you for the report.


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