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Re: groff 1.22.4 mandb 2.11.2 man -H tbl not rendered

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: groff 1.22.4 mandb 2.11.2 man -H tbl not rendered
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2023 15:20:17 -0600

[looping groff@gnu discussion list]

At 2023-02-25T13:53:35-0700, Brian Inglis wrote:
> > Just another data point for issues with long -man page multi-"page"
> > tables not rendering on non-tty devices/file formats.
> Still issues with latest man/tbl/groff-rc3 rendering of long tables on
> HTML outputs.

Unfortunately, this is not a surprise.  It also is not a regression
since groff 1.22.4, at least not for me--if you have a groff that
handles this correctly, I'm intensely interested to have a look at the

> Try any apropos {cp125{1,2},iso{-,_}8859-{1..16},latin{1..10}} charset
> encoding like man -H latin1 or groff equivalent and only last "page"
> of table renders.

Yes.  I don't have a better assessment for this situation than "it

I think the best way forward on this is Savannah #60052.

> At least man -Tps generates decent table content.

I believe _all_ other groff output devices render tbl(1) output
correctly, modulo some known minor nits in nroff mode, which can be seen
at the following URL.

I'll file a ticket for this one though, as we don't seem to have one for


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