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Re: Don't despair! (was: [groff] 06/23: [man pages]: Define page-local `

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: Don't despair! (was: [groff] 06/23: [man pages]: Define page-local `MR` fallback.)
Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2023 05:59:45 -0600


At 2023-02-24T04:10:15-0600, G. Branden Robinson wrote:
> $ cd ~/src/GIT/groff
> $ ./build/test-groff -man -Tascii -P -cbou ~/tmp/neqn.1

We see again why I am not in sales; I neglected to pimp the coolness of
the feature that I went to the trouble of implementing.

$ ./build/test-groff -rU1 -man -Tutf8 ~/tmp/neqn.1
neqn(1)                     General Commands Manual                    neqn(1)

       neqn - format equations for character‐cell terminal output

       neqn [eqn‐options]

       neqn invokes the eqn(1) command with the ascii output device.

       eqn  does not support low‐resolution, typewriter‐like devices, although
       it may work adequately for very simple input.

See also

groff 1.23.0.rc3.23‐5712       24 February 2023                        neqn(1)

In a terminal emulator like gnome-terminal(1), both occurrences of
eqn(1) are underlined twice; once with a solid rule and once with a
dotted one.  The latter indicates that they are URL hyperlinks.

In gnome-terminal, you can shift-right-click on such text.  This opens a
context menu from which you can select "Open Hyperlink".  GNOME will
launch its "Help" application and render the requested man page.

gnome-terminal also supports proper oblique characters.  You can tell
grotty(1) to produce them.  This is not a new feature to groff 1.23.0,
but a user may feel that it combines more nicely with a terminal
emulator's hyperlink decoration.

$ ./build/test-groff -rU1 -man -Tutf8 -P-i ~/tmp/neqn.1


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