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From: Dan Plassche
Subject: Underlining
Date: Wed, 1 Feb 2023 20:40:03 -0500

> IIRC it still has problems when output goes across multiple lines
> (becomes continuous underline including margin and spacing from
> second line going forward) and with underlining punctuation after the
> argument (workarounds force an extra space).  I can confirm tomorrow.

The underlining from the continuation line left margin actually occurred
with the basic line drawing macro from the manual that was mentioned
here by Branden as ".Underline."  Seems like a reasonable limitation of
that approach being anchored to the start of the string and handling
punctuation properly.

The underlining of trailing punctuation was an issue with Werner's
macro.  Adding the punctuation as a second argument after the quoted
underlined text produces an extra underlined space and punctuation


.Underline "intended underline" !


_intended underline !_

rather than _intended underline_!

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