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Re: [mmse] Adding a footnote yields a infinite loop.

From: hbezemer
Subject: Re: [mmse] Adding a footnote yields a infinite loop.
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2022 12:37:56 +0100
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"G. Branden Robinson" <> wrote:

Hi Branden,

Thanks for the fix.

A4 is de facto the standard for all documents in Europe.
(Since A4 and letter don't differ that much in size, I mostly use the default 
although the documents get printed on A4 paper.)



I've seen the line you've changed when looking for the error, but did not 
noticed the missing unit.
> Hi Hans,
> At 2022-11-19T21:42:41+0100, hbezemer--- via wrote:
> > I noticed that when using mmse it seems to give an error when adding a
> > footnote.  Groff terminates with the following error message:
> > "fatal error: input stack limit exceeded (probable infinite loop)"
> > I can reproduce it with:
> > groff -Tpdf -mmse SE.groff > SE.pdf
> I was able to reproduce it too.  Thanks!
> Here's a fix.
> diff --git a/contrib/mm/mse.tmac b/contrib/mm/mse.tmac
> index dedfb10bb..8184b1434 100644
> --- a/contrib/mm/mse.tmac
> +++ b/contrib/mm/mse.tmac
> @@ -43,7 +43,7 @@
>  .po \n[@po]u
>  .pl \n[@pl]u
>  .
> pg*footer-size 4\"                  1v+footer+even/odd footer+1v
> pg*footer-size 4v\"                  1v+footer+even/odd footer+1v
>  .\"------------------------------------------------
>  .\" Dokumentnamn
>  .ds LetDNAMN
> The problem is that someone (presumably macro package author Jörgen
> Hägg) left the scaling unit off of the `pg*footer-size` register
> assignment, so the size used for the page footer was 4 basic units
> instead of 4 vees.  The former value is too small by five orders of
> magnitude (a factor of twelve thousand).
> I hadn't really looked at mse.tmac before but I observe that it forces
> the page dimensions (and offset) to fit, I think, A4 paper in portrait
> format if they are not already set via the L, W, and O registers.  I
> suspect that will need to change to work more smoothly with groff's
> papersize.tmac macro file.
> I may need to add a comment about this (in English :-/) to the
> groff_mmse(7) page.
> In the meantime a good way to render documents requiring mmse will be as
> follows.
> $ groff -dpaper=a4 -mm -mmse -P -p -P a4
> If a different paper format is desired, setting the aforementioned
> command-line registers will be important, so add the following flags.
>   -rLxx -rWyy -rOzz
> ...where xx is the paper length, yy the line length, and zz the page
> offset.  Use of scaling units ('c' for centimeters will be common, I
> reckon) is recommended.
> I'm attaching my own reproducer for your convenience.  Its mostly
> equivalent to yours.
> Regards,
> Branden

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