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Re: Chapters of the manual (was: Bug#1018737: /usr/bin/rst2man: rst2man:

From: Alejandro Colomar
Subject: Re: Chapters of the manual (was: Bug#1018737: /usr/bin/rst2man: rst2man: .TH 5th field shouldn't be empty)
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2022 00:47:43 +0100
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Hi Andries!

On 11/17/22 00:40, Andries E. Brouwer wrote:

On 9/7/22 00:13, Alejandro Colomar wrote:
I've seen sporadically references to the numbers as chapters, probably
from when the manual was a proper book, but that term seems to have
fallen in use.

Unix Programmer's Manual (4.2 BSD) August, 1983
Volume 1
Chapter I: Commands: intro, adb, ...
Chapter II: System calls: intro, accept, access, ...
Chapter III: Subroutines: intro, abort, abs, ...
Chapter IV: Special files: intro, acc, ...
Chapter V: File formats and conventions: a.out, ...
Chapter VI: Games: aardvark, adventure, ...
Chapter VII: Macro packages and language conventions: intro, ascii, ...
Chapter VIII: Maintenance commands and procedures: intro, ac, ...

Seventh Edition, January, 1979
Volume 2A
1 and 2: General Works
3 through 7: Getting Started
8 through 13: Document Preparation
14 through 18: Programming

Volume 2B:
19 through 28: Supporting Tools and Languages
29 through 38: Implementation, Maintenance and Miscellaneous

Volume 1 had chapters. The later volumes had numbered documents.

Thanks for the prompt reply!
'chapter' definitely makes more sense, at least considering the manual as a book. Since it seems to have been in general use in the past, it's not so much of a breaking change to start using it now again. So, to avoid ambiguity between section referring to a chapter or section referring to part of a page, I'll start using the term [sub]chapter consistently.

With time, I expect to replace all occurrences of section that should be chapter in the man-pages.





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