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Re: Putting hyperlinks in a PDF document

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: Putting hyperlinks in a PDF document
Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2022 21:06:15 -0600

Hi Blake,

At 2022-11-14T18:43:38-0600, Blake McBride wrote:
> Thanks.  That helped a lot!
> However, if I use "-P-l" on the command line, it doesn't work.
> Strange.  That makes it print in landscape mode.  Any idea what is
> going on?

Do you mean you are expecting -P-l to format the page in landscape mode,
or you _weren't_ expecting that?

Please indicate what you were expecting or what you want to accomplish.

If landscape formatting isn't working quite as you expect, bear in mind
that you have to tell both the formatter _and_ the output driver what
the orientation is.  You also need to tell the mm(7) package to change
the line length by using the `W` register.

Here's my proof of concept, using half-inch left and right margins.

groff -dpaper=letterl -rW=10i -mm -Tpdf -P-l EXPERIMENTS/ \
  >| hyperlink.pdf

I've attached the sample document.  I made it produce a lot of output so
you can verify the page margins.  If you don't set the `W` register, the
lines will be too short and centering of the page header will be wrong.
If you don't set the paper format in the _formatter_ (troff) with the
`-dpaper` option, then text will be lost because the default page length
is 11 inches, too long for landscape U.S. paper where the length is 8.5
inches--the trap that mm(7) sets up to break the body text and write
the page footer won't be sprung because it is outside the printable


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