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Re: Pascal rides again (was: Specifying dependencies more clearly)

From: Alejandro Colomar
Subject: Re: Pascal rides again (was: Specifying dependencies more clearly)
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2022 13:51:00 +0100
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Hi Dave!

On 11/11/22 21:08, Dave Kemper wrote:
On 11/10/22, Alejandro Colomar <> wrote:
Textinfo is still unreadable after one has the system
installed.  Maybe it's that I've never used emacs(1), but I never liked it.

I mention this on the list periodically, because I learned this trick
from this list and it's invaluable for browsing the groff
documentation: the "info" command does not require you to use its own
(emacsy) interface.  You can pipe its output to a pager -- say, "less"
-- and read the full manual with the same keystrokes you would any man

"info groff | less" will show you the docs for whatever groff version
is currently installed on your system.  If, like me, you sometimes
want to look at the latest info text without having to install a new
groff, you can do that if your system has the texinfo package and
up-to-date groff source from git.  The command then is "makeinfo
--plaintext [groff-src-path]/doc/groff.texi | less".

Hmm, I remember having read this. I think it's time to write an alias infoless to not forget :)




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