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Nimbus fonts missing (was: [BUG] man(7) page not showing footer)

From: Alejandro Colomar
Subject: Nimbus fonts missing (was: [BUG] man(7) page not showing footer)
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2022 21:07:02 +0100
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Hi Branden,

On 11/8/22 15:51, G. Branden Robinson wrote:
At 2022-11-08T13:12:17+0100, Alejandro Colomar wrote:
I'm having issues compiling groff:
   GROFF    doc/groff-man-pages.pdf
/home/alx/src/gnu/groff/gropdf:src/utils/addftinfo/addftinfo.1: fatal error: 
unable to open font 
'/usr/share/ghostscript/9.56.1/Resource/Font/NimbusRoman-Italic' for embedding

At last this revised diagnostic message is paying dividends.


I don't see the dependency being documented in the INSTALL.REPO file.

It's discussed in INSTALL.extra, which INSTALL.REPO recommends reading.

Yeah, I'll answer that in the other email.


The dependencies documented in the 'INSTALL.extra' file are required, as
are several others.

But this issue is troublesome; Deri James and I are trying to get it
sorted out because I fear a lot of problem reports about this for RC2 if
we don't.

Here's what INSTALL.extra says about this topic.  It is admittedly a lot
to swallow.  (This is my working copy, but it differs from Git HEAD
only in formatting.)

URW fonts

The 'configure' script searches for PostScript Type 1 fonts originating
with the URW foundry; these are metrically-compatible replacements for
the Adobe PostScript Level 2 base 35 fonts required by that standard.
These URW fonts are packaged with Ghostscript and in various derivative
versions.  The Adobe fonts are not free software, but the replacements,
named "Nimbus Roman", "Nimbus Sans", and "Nimbus Mono", and so forth,
are.  The PostScript standard and early versions of the PDF standard
assumed that these base fonts will be supplied by the rendering device
(a printer or PDF viewer).  Nowadays the PDF standard expects all fonts
to be embedded in the document; if groff's gropdf(1) output driver knows
where to find these fonts, you can use its "-e" option for this purpose.

The build process populates "Foundry" and "download" files that tell
gropdf where to find their groff font descriptions and the font files
themselves, respectively.  If you have multiple versions of the URW
fonts available on your system, or the 'configure' script cannot locate
them on its own, use its "--with-urw-fonts-dir" option to tell the
script where to find them.  If you never use groff to generate
PostScript or PDF documents, you can ignore any output from the
'configure' script about URW fonts.

Please share with us the configuration banner of your build.

GNU Troff version 1.23.0.rc1.3356-abae
 installation directory prefix    : /usr/local
 C++ compiler and options         : g++ -g -O2
 use libgroff's memory allocator  : no
 C compiler and options           : gcc -g -O2
 Perl interpreter version         : 5.36.0
 X11 support                      : disabled
 'groff -l' uses print spooler    : lp
 use URW fonts for PDF output     : yes
 URW fonts directory              : /usr/share/fonts/type1/urw-base35/
 preconv can use uchardet library : yes
 can build groff.dvi, groff.pdf   : yes
 tests can use poppler PDF tools  : yes

You might also look over and
consider reopening it.

Sorry, I'm not fresh enough right now to go through that bug report and reopen it. If the issue is still present in a week from now, I'll look into it.

Deri, do you have the changes you mentioned in ready to push?

I saw his email about being locked out :)





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