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Re: Zero Width Space (was Re: How to print a literal '.' as the first c

From: Holger Herrlich
Subject: Re: Zero Width Space (was Re: How to print a literal '.' as the first character in a line?)
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2022 22:29:13 +0200

I see an argumentation of user model against the system model point of
view. That will never do, because they are different.

Secondly, you are fighting about the name (identifier) of an escape
sequence using arguments valid of an description. That doesn't make

Generally the name 'zero with space' puts '\&' in line with \|, \^, \0
and \~, what gives structure and therefore it is better to remember.

If '\&' stands out of that group, add an extra sentence. Moreover,
if you think that '\&' is an important topic, give it an extra
paragraph. If not, from the user (typesetter not programmer) point of
view, give it a name but drop it.

Finally, don't treat documentation like source code. For instance,
writing the same thing again without repeating any word, favors the
reader _and_ challenges the writer, because that forces him to drop his
tunnel vision. One don't have to be right but have to be understood.

Purpose matters, doesn't it?

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