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Re: building without tex (was: zero-width space)

From: Deri
Subject: Re: building without tex (was: zero-width space)
Date: Sun, 05 Jun 2022 22:53:14 +0100

On Sunday, 5 June 2022 09:40:43 BST Ingo Schwarze wrote:
> Of course, that implies that subsequently, "make dist" will inevitably
> fail, so it won't help much for a serious developer who wants to do
> complete testing of whatever changes they are considering.

The reason to avoid having a dependence on a huge system like tex is not 
necessarily for the 
benefit of developers (be they of the serious or flippant variety), it is for 
users who have been 
told on the list that their particular issue has been fixed in the latest git 
and they can build from 

Personally when I run config it always tells me it will not build the X11 parts 
of groff, which is 
fine because I never use those features. If it told me that it was only going 
to build the info 
version of the groff documentation and not the pdf containing the same 
information because I 
did not have tex2dvi available on my system, I would not be too despondent.



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