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MOM heading question

From: Richard Morse
Subject: MOM heading question
Date: Thu, 25 Nov 2021 22:01:45 -0500

Hi! I’m trying to typeset my newly amended condominium trust, because the word 
version is really ugly, and I decided to try using MOM to do so (the 
heading/list functions in MS didn’t seem powerful enough, and I can’t find 
readable documentation of MM, while the MOM documentation is fantastic).

However, I’ve run into a bit of a weird situation.

Most of the paragraphs in the document are numbered as, e.g., 5.2.23. However, 
the separate articles (ie, the “5” of the example) are introduced as “ARTICLE 
V” — that is, in Roman numerals.

I tried to leave out the number in the heading style for heading level 1, but 
then the subheading (2, 3) don’t include the heading number, and they don’t 
reset to one when a new heading level 1 occurs.

Is there some way to suppress the *display* of the heading number for a 
particular level while still having it count for purposes of labelling the rest 
of the headings? Even if it’s on a per-occurance basis, there are sufficiently 
few first level headings that I could do some weird trickery for each one. (I 
can then include the Roman numeral in the text of the heading).

Alternately, is there some way to have the headings labeled in Roman numerals 
at their level, but using Arabic numerals at the lower levels?


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