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Re: Two trivial questions

From: Dave Kemper
Subject: Re: Two trivial questions
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2021 15:57:45 -0600

On 11/8/21, Ralph Corderoy <> wrote:
> Bug.  CSTR 54 doesn't allow it, nor does
>     info groff 'Changing Type Sizes' | less

It doesn't seem quite that clear-cut to me.  Neither of those sources
explicitly states what *roff does with additional parameters to .ps,
or with nonnumeric trailing characters to a numeric parameter.  And I
bet that .ps is far from the only request that ignores both of these.

Still, regardless of what the documentation says, there's a
commonsense argument to be made that it's a better design if the
parser nudges the user when it encounters something unexpected.

Care to open a bug report for this?  I feel like someone besides
Bjarni and me should own a few bugs.

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