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an officially maintained version of dformat outthere ?

From: Marc Chantreux
Subject: an officially maintained version of dformat outthere ?
Date: Mon, 1 Nov 2021 22:59:12 +0100

hello groffers,

Long time ago, i download this pdf

%K dformat data format CSTR142
%A Jon L. Bentley
%C Bell Labs
%D April 1988
%T DFORMAT - A Program for Typesetting Data Formats
%R CSTR #142

I started to use the original implementation available here:

I started to hack on it a little bit

* shebang using # /usr/bin/env -S gawk -f
* the possibility to add comments with #

Then I wanted to add more features and realize someone in
this list already did a part of what i was trying to do:

This message contains an augmented version of the original paper
with a patched version of the original script with the support of
a 'shaded' style so it is possible to colorize some frames.

Heinz-J├╝rgen Oertel proposed to add the new version to the groff
project but:

* the patched version of the script is in the pdf file and
  a simple copy/paste just ruins the code.
* there was no anwser to his message.

Before i start to work on it to make it a usable version of dformat,
i have some questions:

* is there a repo of this version outhere ?
* is there a reason no one replied to what I think is a valuable
  contribution (we should probably write a man page to this using
  the existing paper).


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