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Re: Groff examples repository

From: Thomas Dupond
Subject: Re: Groff examples repository
Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2021 16:53:21 +0000

Dave Kemper <> wrote:

> On 8/25/21, Thomas Dupond <> wrote:
> > The Groff examples repository is now available on the web at
> > and on geminispace at gemini://
> Fantastic!  Thanks so much for putting this together.
> I see that each page has a link to the source mailing list post, so
> that the original contributor can be identified.  But for pages with
> code that has a specific author (not all the pages fall into this
> category), I wonder if the author ought to be credited on the
> repository page itself as well.

Sure thing, every page has a credit to the author directly in the text



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