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Re: Groff examples repository

From: Oliver Corff
Subject: Re: Groff examples repository
Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2021 21:59:19 +0200
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Hi Thomas,

a very nice collection this is!

One little typo in the overview, "Relowing the text [...]" should be
"Reflowing [...]".

Best wishes,


On 8/25/21 6:50 PM, Thomas Dupond wrote:
Hi everyone,

The Groff examples repository is now available on the web at and on geminispace at gemini://
They have exactly the same content and I plan to make it available on
the gopherspace.

Sorry it took such a long time.

As noted on the first page, feel free to email me any macro you find
interesting, I will put it online as soon as I can :) .

Thomas Dupond

Dr. Oliver Corff
-- China Consultant --
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