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Re: [groff] 02/11: doc/groff.texi: Fix style nits.

From: G. Branden Robinson
Subject: Re: [groff] 02/11: doc/groff.texi: Fix style nits.
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 02:53:30 +1000
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Hi, Werner!

At 2021-08-16T04:09:48+0000, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> >     * Use "e.g." and "i.e." correctly; that is, with a trailing
> >       comma.
> Well, a lot of people from England would strongly disagree that this
> is 'correct', since those abbreviations are used there *without* a
> trailing comma...

That's okay.  I'm ready to rumble.  Er, that is, happy for someone to
volunteer to help with groff documentation maintenance.  :D

> Of course, were the groff manual following an English writing style,
> it would be necessary to either say `@frenchspacing on` or use `@:`
> appropriately.

Indeed!  We could also cut the knot by simply using Latin abbreviations
less and plain English more.  While, personally, I'd be happy to season
my prose with less familiar scholarly late Latin like "viz." and "sc.",
the demon on my other shoulder wags its finger and advises clarity.

At any rate, the commit arose while I was in the midst of more serious
business[1] and I didn't expect it to be controversial after similar
(and more wide-ranging) changes I made four years ago[2].



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