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Re: troff Memorandum Macros documentation derived from the paper "MM - M

From: Damian McGuckin
Subject: Re: troff Memorandum Macros documentation derived from the paper "MM - Memorandum Macros"
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2021 21:30:08 +1000 (AEST)
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On Mon, 9 Aug 2021, Nate Bargmann wrote:

Thanks for that little gem. Thank you Apple.

as I was looking for a letterhead recipe. The example shown in Chapter 2 of the book worked flawlessly with groff 1.22.4 on Debian 11, so I have tilted back in favor of MM now having created my own letterhead in MM.

I wish I had written it. Quite useful.

I tend to use embedded Postscript to help with letterheads if I need graphics or color or some weird font.

What I have been able to ascertain is that MM was an evolution and
extension of MS by Bell Labs as both originated there.

Hmmm. Not sure. I think young Doug was there when they both started and could enlighten us. I am talking about the MM that was available in PWB UNIX. It dates from 1977. I thought that the MS paper was dated 1978. I started using in 1979 so they were both available at that time. So the true history predates me. As I said, Doug would be the authority on it.

I find 'DT' referenced in the description of the ISODATE macro and nowhere else in the page (groff 1.22.4; the string is completely removed in the Git HEAD of contrib/mm/, yet it works just fine.

It is defined in

        .als DT cov*new-date

IMO it should be included in the "strings used in mm" subsection.  Is
there a reason why it is not and why its mention has been removed
completely rather than expanded?

You are so right. Looks like a manual page error.

One drawback to MM is the lack of native super/subscript macros. However, I lifted the superscript formulas from s.tmac and include their definitions at the top of my letterhead file, appropriately named SUP/SUPX as borrowed from MOM. ;-)

Why not use the preprocessor eqn(1) which means using definining the
delimiter at the start of the document with

        delim ##

at the start of your document and then use (say)

        #x sup 2#

within the text.

Stay safe - Damian

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