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Re: Plan 9 man added a new macro for man page references

From: Alejandro Colomar (man-pages)
Subject: Re: Plan 9 man added a new macro for man page references
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2021 09:29:14 +0200
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Hi, Branden!

On 8/1/21 1:09 PM, G. Branden Robinson wrote:
I support this plan ;-)

Cool!  I'm glad to see some discussion about would be _so nice_
to land this and OSC 8 hyperlinks for terminal emulators in grotty(1)
for the next groff release.  Those would be new features we could really

"30 years after Sir Tim Berners-Lee brought you HTML, groff is hot on
his heels!"

Well, maybe not.  You can see why I'm not in sales.

Thinking about it twice...

Given mdoc(7) already implemented that, and that the basic difference between mdoc(7) and man(7) is basically that man(7) is simple and doesn't have semantic macros (only style macros), and mdoc(7) was designed to superseed man(7) by having semantic macros instead of style macros (but with the side effect of being much more complex in the way), I think it would be wrong to "port" back (some of) those features back into man(7).

Either we should move to use mdoc(7), or we don't at all. (And for the moment, I think I'll keep with the man(7) simpler macros.)

What are your thoughts?



Alejandro Colomar
Linux man-pages comaintainer;

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