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From: Hans Bezemer
Subject: Snippets
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2021 14:04:14 +0200

Dear all,

Recently there have been some discussion on setting up a snippet repository[1].

Would it be a good idea to use the mailinglist to post a snippet and have some
discussion about it before adding it to the (upcoming) repository?

To make it easy to search for snippets in the mailinglist we could agree on
using some labels for instance:
[snippet] [macroset] [extension_<name of macroset>] or [standalone]
And maybe some more in the title of the message.

The initial message should for instance contain a short description of the 
snippet and a title.

While thinking about it, why not set up a git repository for the time being and 
upload snippets there?

Just some thoughts I had...

Kind regards,



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