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Re: Would it be reasonable to list the fonts that are available by defau

From: Wim Stockman
Subject: Re: Would it be reasonable to list the fonts that are available by default in groff?
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2021 22:58:41 +0200

Actually I don't think that is necessary.
We could basically write a macro that installs on the fly a system
available font for groff. Using the possibility to run an external script
from within groff I m sure it is possible to install the font on the fly.
Running Peter font-install script. Using the site-font directory so you
don't need root access.
Don't you think ?
Kind regards
Wim Stockman

Op do 15 jul. 2021 21:03 schreef G. Branden Robinson <>:

> Wherein I illustrate how well I can count...
> At 2021-07-16T04:24:29+1000, G. Branden Robinson wrote:
> > Given the coupling between output device and font repertoire, I submit
> > that the most appropriate place to document the available repertoire
> > is in the man page for the relevant output driver.  Four of our seven
> > such pages do in fact cover this material; see grodvi(1), grolbp(1),
> > gropdf(1), grops(1), and gxditview(1).
> ...that's five, not four.
> [discussion of grohtml and grotty snipped]
> > There are some deficiencies; some pages, like grolbp(1), don't
> > actually mention which font family is the default (news flash--it's
> > Times).
> The missing one is grolj4(1), which claims not one but _two_ man pages
> in its demesne, and manages to not cover this material in either.
> Someday I reckon I will fix that problem, and due to personal
> irascibility, probably also merge lj4_font(5) into grolj4(1).  There's
> nothing unique about the _groff_ font description format used by the lj4
> driver as far as I can see, and that's not what the page discusses;
> instead it's a description of historical developments of the fonts
> implemented within the printers.  That's not what section 5 of the
> Unix manual is for.  It's interesting reading (I love tech history), but
> I see no reason this stuff can't move into grolj4(1)--but not early in
> the page, because its audience is surely even narrower than that for the
> driver itself.
> Regards,
> Branden

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