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groff-examples repository

From: Thomas Dupond
Subject: groff-examples repository
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2021 16:37:50 +0000

Dave Kemper <> wrote:

> These would be great candidates for the groff-examples repository that
> I keep trying to trick someone into creating and maintaining
> (  So
> far no one has fallen for it.

I'm skimming through the archives to try to create such a document -- it
is taking a lot of time since it goes back to 1999 and many of the
examples have been rendered obsolete by the growth of groff -- and I
wondered what would be actually eligible to end up in the document.

I'm currently keeping examples using native groff syntax but I'm
hesitant on including personal macro sets posted to the mailing list.
Should they be part of MORE.STUFF?  Although I don't see any macro
packages being listed there so maybe not?

Wim Stockman <> wrote:

> I see the domain name is well a goed candidate to host something
> like that. Maybe it would also nice to make it Lo Fi in a gopher format and
> Gemini capsule ?
> I don't know who maintainers are of the domain. Maybe we could
> ask them to collaborate.

I'm currently writing the document in gemini markup and will then use a
tool to translate it to html.  I cannot speak for the owners of but I can host the final document on the web and on
geminispace myself if need be.  I do not have much knowledge of gopher


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