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Re: Introducing mu, my new macro package

From: John Ankarström
Subject: Re: Introducing mu, my new macro package
Date: Thu, 1 Jul 2021 21:44:13 +0200
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Den 2021-07-01 kl. 21:15 skrev Mike Bianchi:
> With just a quick glance, I like what you've done.
> I can see myself using it sometime soon.
> One suggestion, give the Inline, Environment and Other macros 2 or 3
> character names with a common theme so they stand separate from the groff
> commands and macros.
> [...]
> I have so many documents where _all_ the groff actions are in lower case
> and I don't know where to look when I need to understand the action and
> syntax.  Is it native groff?  Or the mm macro package?  Or something I wrote?
> Now when writing my own macros I tend to make them start with a capital letter
> or be all capitals.

Thanks a lot!  The neat thing about the one-letter lowercase macros,
though, is that all built-in troff macros are two letters (or more).  So
if you see a one-letter macro, it's definitely a macro and not a
standard troff request.

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