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Re: Adding a symbol to eqn

From: Dave Kemper
Subject: Re: Adding a symbol to eqn
Date: Sun, 27 Jun 2021 04:12:54 -0500

On 6/26/21, Robert Goulding <> wrote:
> Dear Dave: I guess I thought that the Postscript fonts that come with
> Ghostscript would already contain that glyph.

They may, but groff doesn't automatically know about all the fonts the
other parts of the system have access to.  Groff needs a font file
(which among other things contains the list of characters) installed
in a place it knows about: by default (on most Linux systems)
/usr/share/groff/current/font, /usr/share/groff/site-font, or a
location pointed to by the $GROFF_FONT_PATH environment variable.

For instance, you can see that the default groff font, TR, has an
ellipsis character (U+2026) defined:

fgrep u2026 /usr/share/groff/current/font/devps/TR

But grepping for 25B3 instead shows that it's not part of groff's TR
character set.

Peter Schaffter has written a very useful script
( to smoothly
automate the process of installing fonts for groff.

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