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[groff] [UTROFF] Utmac-0.4

From: Pierre-Jean
Subject: [groff] [UTROFF] Utmac-0.4
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2017 10:00:58 +0100
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Hello alls,

I am pleased to announce you Utmac-0.4, the last version of my
set of macros for Heirloom Troff. It is available on

It has been four years since I published a version and wrote on
this list: After my PhD, I found myself unemployed, and with my
newborn child, that was harrowing. Hopefully, the sky is now
clearing up, and I can allow myself some leisure activity!

Here are the main changes.

  - I separated Utmac from the Utroff package: my long term goal
    is to make Utmac less dependant of Heirloom Troff and more
    compatible with neatroff and groff. For that purpose, I
    splitted the macro files in subfiles.
  - That was a good opportunity to clarify the code source.
  - And I added the macro ul, designed to write letters.

To celebrate the event, I will write you several mails within the
next few days to present you some of the goals and technical
designs of Utmac.

Kind Regards,

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