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[groff] A few issues with mom's LIST macros

From: Ulrich Lauther
Subject: [groff] A few issues with mom's LIST macros
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2017 09:44:07 +0100
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Hi all,

working with the LIST macros I came across these issues:

1) besides BULLET, DASH, USER, etc. also "PLAIN" can be used.
   However, this is not mentioned in the documentation.

2) if ROMAN or roman is used without a trailing number, e.g., ROMAN instead of 
   the command ".tm1 "[mom]: You must append a number to the \\$1 argument to 
   should be invoced, but is not.
3) Having used the mm-macros for long time in the past, I was missing the 
   list (VL in mm) where  each item gets its own enumerator.

The small patch appended introduces
   LIST VARIABLE <width of largest enunerator>
   ITEM <enumerator>

The patch fixes also issue 2.

If the patch should be accepted, the documentation needs some update too.

Kind regards,


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