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Re: [Groff] vertical text in tbl

From: Tadziu Hoffmann
Subject: Re: [Groff] vertical text in tbl
Date: Tue, 26 Sep 2017 18:30:35 +0200
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This is the simplest solution (regarding syntax for text
entry) I've been able to come up with.  It makes use of the
width function and its associated registers (see the Troff
User's Manual and the groff manpage) and doesn't rotate entire
table headers, but rather individual letters/words/phrases
and treats the rotated entities as new letters.

Because the rotation is being done with embedded Postscript
code, this solution works only with the Postscript device.

  .\" tbl eqn
  .\" ----------------------------------------------------------------
  .ds 90 \R'w \w'\\$*''\
  \X'ps: exec gsave currentpoint 2 copy translate \
  -90 rotate neg exch neg exch translate'\
  \X'ps: exec grestore'\
  .\" ----------------------------------------------------------------
  .sp 3c
  C | C | C | C | C | C | C | C | C | C C C C
  n | L | n | n | n | n | n | n | n | n n n n.
  \*[90 Lfnd. Nummer]#\
  \*[90 Personen über]  \*[90 10 Jahre]#\
  \*[90 Kinder unter]  \*[90 10 Jahre]#\

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