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Re: [Groff] pdfmom warning: can't find special character `u0065_0304'

From: Dale Snell
Subject: Re: [Groff] pdfmom warning: can't find special character `u0065_0304'
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2017 10:24:14 -0700

On Thu, 17 Aug 2017 05:57:18 -0600, in message
address@hidden, Dominic Jones

> Good morning,
> I'm trying to insert an e with a macron (unicode u0113) in a document
> using pdfmom.  I've tried several ways of representing the character
> in addition to ''\[u0113]'', which gives me the message:
>     warning: can't find special character `u0065_0304'

Hello Dominic,

This sounds like a font problem.  Vowels with a macron accent are
not part of the stock fonts in groff.  Try using the URW fonts
instead.  E.g., 


 instead of


for Palatino.  I had a similar problem some time back, trying to
output Japanese Romaji.  I wound up doing quite a bit of digging
before I realized what was happening.  I wound up adding some
.char requests to my local .tmac file.  E.g.,

.char \[-a] \[u0061_0304]
.char \[-e] \[u0065_0304]

and so on for both lower- and upper-case characters.  So now, all
I need to do is enter \[-o] in my running text to get an "ō"

Anyway, I hope this helps.


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