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[Groff] pdfmom warning: can't find special character `u0065_0304'

From: Dominic Jones
Subject: [Groff] pdfmom warning: can't find special character `u0065_0304'
Date: Thu, 17 Aug 2017 05:57:18 -0600

Good morning,

I'm trying to insert an e with a macron (unicode u0113) in a document using 
pdfmom.  I've tried several ways of representing the character in addition to 
''\[u0113]'', which gives me the message:

    warning: can't find special character `u0065_0304'

The character is simply missing in the resulting output PDF (which is otherwise 
successfully generated).

I've tried various flags/options including -k and attempting to set the font to 
one that has the character listed via -F U-P.  I've tried both generating PDF 
directly using ''pdfmom'' and via Postscript using ''pdfmom -Tps | ps2pdf''.

A quick check on two other characters in the same space, u0100 and u0114, 
produces the same general warning message (with different character codes).  On 
the other hand, u00E9 produces the expected character (e with acute accent).  
u00FF gives no warning message but produces a blank space in the output 
(instead of the expected y with diaeresis).

I'm using groff 1.22.3 with ghostscript 9.21.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!

Dominic Jones <address@hidden>

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