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[Groff] Regarding HTML rendering

From: mikkel meinike
Subject: [Groff] Regarding HTML rendering
Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2017 17:30:44 +0200

Dear Groff-group.

I've been using Groff with Mom Macro for many years and really been happy
about it. Peter's good educational documents that explained all aspects
were simply what made me my way to getting started with Groff. The
documents for the other macro packages were just too hard to get into for

The main reason I now want to change away from Mom is to get better HTML
rendering. The HTML rendering from a mom-based document is not good. I see
many advantages of being able to render my document to HTML. The goal is,
therefore, to be able to make a document that looks exactly like what I
have done with Mom, but in the underlying markup that is set up so that it
also produce great to HTML.

Peter has written at some point that if I want good HTML rendering, I
should use MS Macro. I would also like to, but in the first place, I have
started to put the document in clean Groff. I have found this very
inspiring. It has been the excitement of getting closer to the requests
that lie behind the macro requests that I have used with mom. It has also
been a journey in the story of how Groff has emerged. Finally, it has been
fun to get a little closer to PostScript as I think you're going with clean
Groff. I've been interested in Postscript some years ago.

Well, the reason I'm writing to you is that I saw when I was trying render
my pure Groff document to HTML, that the head of the document (name and
adress and that) did not translate particularly well to HTML.

The question for you is how I should format my Groff doc so that it looks
like the one that I have attached but also would look somewhat the same
when translate in to into HTML? Should I use indents instead of tabs?
Should I use ms instead of pure groff? Other suggestions?

As you can see, there is also a mistake with the colors. I would also like
to receive suggestions for how this error can be eliminated in the HTML

Comment to the attached PDF: As you will see, a background has been added
to this document. This background is inserted with the PDF tool pdftk. I
have found that it is much easier to make a conversion script that includes
a procedure that inserts a background image into the finished PDF with the
help from Pdftk than it is to insert the background image using Groff.

Summer greetings to you all


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