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[Groff] Adding section number to man-page, e.g. and groff.7.

From: Bernd Warken
Subject: [Groff] Adding section number to man-page, e.g. and for
Date: Thu, 6 Aug 2015 17:27:27 +0200

The naming of all man-pages in the groff source tree is quite chaotic.

Only <page>.man is used, information of the section is available only in the
Makefile of the directory.

Then these man-pages are transferred to <page>.n using `.man.n:` in
main `` on the top of the source tree.

Then each generated <page>.n-files are moved to <page>.[157].

### new concept

1) To improve the total handling, I propose to use a starting man-page
`<page>.[157].man' instead of <page>.man.

2) This will be transported with the usual `.man.n:' into `<page>.[157].n'.

3)  Modifying a part of the top, the `.n' is removed and the file
is installated as `<page>.[157]'.

### old-fashion concept

A similar concept with `<page>.[157]n' was proposed and discussed in october
2014.  As this concept is not as suitable, I do not propose this old proposal 

Bernd Warken

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