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[Groff] [mom] Error with footnote and table

From: Bertrand Garrigues
Subject: [Groff] [mom] Error with footnote and table
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 2014 16:59:57 +0100
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I have a document (using Mom package) that I generated without problem
with the 1.22.2 tarball, but when I used up-to-date groff I encountered
an obscure error.  I've wrote a minimal, simpler doc (attached, to reproduce the problem.  It seems to me the error occurs
when I put a .FOOTNOTE and a table on the same page.

I've done the following test:

- With up-to-date groff (commit

pdfmom -t > test.pdf

Troff complains: can't continue page ejection because of current diversion
  troff: automatically ending diversion `FN_OVERFLOW' on exit

and the end of the document is missing (the last HEADING and the
following text, see test.pdf).

If I remove the footnote or the table the document is processed
correctly until the end.

- With up-to-date groff but om.tmac from the 1.22.2 tarball, the
  document is well generated (attached, test_old_mom.pdf).

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Bertrand Garrigues

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