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Re: [Groff] General nroff/troff question regarding .bp and .ne in divers

From: Carsten Kunze
Subject: Re: [Groff] General nroff/troff question regarding .bp and .ne in diversions
Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2014 21:06:30 +0200 (CEST)

> I assume you want the page break *outside* of the diversion. In
> other words, read the bibliographic entry into a diversion, check
> the height of the entry (\n[dn]), and then see if there's enough
> room left before the page trap. Something like this:

No, actually I plan to define/capture the bibliography item texts from the book 
text throughout the document (which could be several hundred pages), whenever I 
want to have a reference in the text (if one item is referenced multiple times 
I have a different solution). Therefore I have a macro .RS to start the item 
text and a macro .RF to end it. This macro set only places the reference and 
captures the item text. My first idea was to have a large diversion which could 
contain 10 pages or so at the end with all bibliography items. Each item I put 
in a temporary diversion which I use to calc the height. If the height exceeds 
the page height a .ne or .bp should be put in the large diversion, then the 
temp diversion is added. So the large diversion contains the heading, some 
items, .bp, some items again, ... And my page titels and footer should work as 
everywhere in the book.

This is maybe possible with .am to a large macro instead of .da to large 
diversion, but I wonder if it is also possible to cause forced page breaks from 
within diversions (with the traditional nroff language set).


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