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[Groff] Three topics related to images

From: mikkel meinike
Subject: [Groff] Three topics related to images
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2014 15:40:42 +0200

Hello all
I have during the past two years become increasingly groff user or perhaps
more specifick mom uses. I try as much as possible to stick to one macro
package to keep my text setting life as simple as possible. I am a human
being who work with images and therefore I also come a long way by now with
pictures in mom, but now I come to a point where I have a few questions
about this topic.

To place two images side by side.
How to place to two or more images side by side. HTML treateds a little
picture almost as if it were a text item. If you put two pictures in the
code after eatch other then they appear side by side (if there is space for
that on the line). Can you do something similar in groff or what does it
take to put two pictures up next to each other?

This is probably mostly a queston for Peter, in each case it is a specific
mom questions. I want to understand why PDF_IMAGE macro. Which problems
does ti solv? What is it that PDF_IMAGE can do that PSPIC can not do?

A word of thanks to Ted
Now when I was going to work with images in mom I found back to a nearly
ten year old mail from groff list where Ted replies to a question about
using an image as page background or watermark. I found the old mail and
found it extremely useful and informative for my current project. I was
almost touched by the personal and careful introduction of groff and
pictures in groff that Ted gives me in the mail so once again thanks for
that Ted :-)


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