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Re: [Groff] Add --with-doc configuration option

From: Steffen Nurpmeso
Subject: Re: [Groff] Add --with-doc configuration option
Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 21:31:04 +0100
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find below something that adds the mentioned options and also
tweaks the make system a bit -- 'make install' and 'make
uninstall' seem to work again after the patch series is applied.
There are still problems ('make install' with DESTDIR set results
in some errors along the way, mostly contrib/hdtbl, 'make
uninstall' still leaves some stale directories laying around) and
many oddities; i.e., i wonder why so many/all subdirectories try
to rmdir when they can't and the top makefile has a final
`uninstall_dirs' target..  but the patch series below is
definitely a step towards the right direction.
Comments appreciated.


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