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[Groff] Formatting mail with Groff

From: trebol
Subject: [Groff] Formatting mail with Groff
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2012 20:07:36 +0100
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I think is necessary start a new thread...

[from Macro  Packages thread]
> Very  well, but now you've concluded you post with a
> lot  of  empty  lines [...]

Yes,  this   was   on   the top of my to-do list: don't need
to enter dG on nvi...

> In  order to trim the file to
> the total length of actual text, call .pl 0
> at the end of your file, or set up  an  end-of-input
> trap (.em) to do it for you.

Thanks, it's perfect.   There are a lot of things  I  wanted
to  ask,  but  didn't  want  to abuse your patience. But now
the Pandora's box is open!  For  now  my  abbreviation   for
mail  in nvi corresponds to:

.de endofmail
.pl 0
.em endofmail
.nr HY 0
.nr HM 0
.pl 1000

I've  seen   that   hyphenation   in mail is a bad idea.  No
other way to prevent multiple pages to .pl 1000?  There is a
request like .mc for left margin character (`>')?

If  anyone  has  a  good  tip for mutt-nvi-groff, I would be
very grateful!

Sorry for the previous mess...

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