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[Groff] Indexing these days with groff

From: Johann Höchtl
Subject: [Groff] Indexing these days with groff
Date: Sun, 09 Sep 2012 08:34:35 +0200
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Fellow groffers,

what is the prefered method of creating indexes with groff these days?

Mainly I am only aware of

Tools for Printing Indexes <>, CSTR #128, J. L. Bentley and B. W. Kernighan <>, Bell Labs, October 1986.
available for download at
and used in the community resurection of

 Unix Text Processing

available at

I found the CSTR quite difficult. Has anybody some recent experience in indexing or some newer helpers?
BTW. I would try to do it with the mom macro package

Greetings, Johann

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