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Re: [Groff] modern xman?

From: walter harms
Subject: Re: [Groff] modern xman?
Date: Sun, 11 Mar 2012 12:01:28 +0100
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Am 11.03.2012 01:03, schrieb James K. Lowden:
> Like everyone else, I normally use nroff and man(1) to view manpages.
> Sometimes I whimsically use xman or tkman.  
> It occurs to me that I'm using a bitmapped display on a 3,300 MHz
> processor with quite a few fonts installed.  I could benefit from troff
> output and pretty, proportional fonts on my X display, if only there
> were a viewer designed for dealing with, oh, dvi or ps.  For extra
> credit, the "SEE ALSO" references could be "hyperlinks" that would
> create and load the referenced file when clicked on.  Really, this
> could be big.  
> Is anyone here aware of a troff-ish project to display man pages?  I
> can name several projects, starting with info, designed to *replace*
> man pages with something better?  I observe we still have man pages.  I
> would be nice if we had something better than less(1) to view them in.  
> A quick search of the archives doesn't turn up anything relevant, so I
> thought I'd ask.  

there are tools that convert the man(doc) into html inclusive hyperrefs.
and there have been a lot attempts to replace man pages with something else
but all failed so far i can remember.
And to be fair it is very easy to write a man page, it takes few resources
and you can see it actually everywhere.


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